A significant set of 150 000 objects of photography heritage is preserved in Photography Museum. In the core set there are 90 000 objects, in supporting set there are 8 000 objects. There are about 1 500 objects of photo library heritage and 50 000 photographic negatives of A. Dilys works, who is the founder of the museum. The collection of the museum consists of valuable historic and artistic photographs and negatives, specialized photographer’s toolkit for production, the only one found in Lithuania, also photographic prints, photography-related documents and other objects. Also, a small collection of cinematographic equipment is kept, as it is a close field to photography. The supporting set of the collection, archive and a library of photography publications are being formed as well.

Museum collections can bee found through Lithuania's integral museum information system (LIMIS).


In the collection of the museum, several significant sets of exhibits stand out, often distinguished by individual author or by theme.


Archive of Photography Museum is predominantly comprised of a donation of Photographic Museum founder, photographer Antanas Dilys. In 2005 he donated 50 000 of his art works, photographic negatives, taken from 1963 till 1998 (see more at Collections).


Photographic Museum library has accumulated more than 11 thousand specialized publications in the field of photography: books, albums, periodical literature, all from the second half of the 19th century till the very recent photography publications.