2021 September 11 - 2021 October 10

Rolandas Andrijauskas. Let’s Meet at Anthology

‘Emotional and intellectual friendship’ is the best way to describe the relationship born in the 90s between the famous Lithuanian-American poet and avant-garde movie maker Jonas Mekas and the arrivals to New York from the recently independent Lithuania – photographer Arūnas Kulikauskas, painter Eugenijus Varkulevičius-Varkalis, musician Dalius Naujokaitis, cinema director Vytautas V. Landsbergis, painter Audrius Naujokaitis, movie maker Julius Ziz (Žižliauskas), photographer Rolandas Andrijauskas, and a few other young Lithuanian artists starved for American and global culture.

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2021 July 13 - 2021 October 3

The Photography Studio of Count Benedykt Henryk Tiszkiewicz. Dramatizations of Epochs

The exhibition presenting documentary and artistic photographs by a master of pictorial photography, Count Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz (1852–1935), taken in France, Poland, Lithuania and the Wiała manor near Vilnius in the present territory of Belarus, which were considered lost for a long time.

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