Tour of present exhibitions in Photography Museum

In this tour, you will get acquainted with Photography Museum and you visit present exhibitions. Our guides will introduce you to the history of Photography Museum and its architecture of the interwar modern style. Also, you will find out how this place, where museum is set, was linked to photography, starting from 19th century. After exploring the reading-room full of publications about photography, you will visit the education center, where an exhibition and museum’s photographic laboratory is settled. A guide will demonstrate specificities of producing analogue photography and will present museum’s educational activities.

Next on the tour is the modern hall where temporary exhibitions are placed. Every exhibition is supplemented with educational tasks, much enjoyable for children, stimulating creative thinking. Then, guide will lead you on the roof of the museum, and show you the panorama of Šiauliai city on an open terrace, which also has a little turret with one and only in Lithuania camera obscura. Take a glimpse inside to observe how photo image appears.

Guided tours are conducted for max 30 people.

How to book a tour ?

Tour booking phone: (8 41) 52 43 93


Guided tour 20€ | Discounts do not apply

For groups (from 15 to 30 people).

Self-guided tour

The Interwar Modernism in Šiauliai

We suggest taking a walk in Šiauliai oldtown and getting acquainted with the interwar modern architecture. Grab a brochure The Interwar Modernism in Šiauliai, which was made in collaboration with Architecture sightseeing fund.

During 20th century, the First and Second World Wars, the city center has been torn down and rebuilt two times, still leaving distinct traces of the interwar modern style. In this tour, you will not only find the most interesting modern buildings, but you will find public areas, formed in the interwar period as well. During the tour, you will discover buildings, designed by famous architects, who worked as Šiauliai city engineers, Karolis Reisonas and Vladas Bitė, also Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, Erich Mendelsohn (Germany) and many others.

You may download or buy a tour brochure at Photography museum’s booking-office.

A tour brochure