2023 December 8 - 2024 March 10

DISCOVERED IMAGES. The Photo-Aesthetics of Count Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz (1852-1935)

This exhibition is the most comprehensive presentation of Tyszkiewicz’s work in history. The visitors to the Royal Łazienki Museum will be able to see around 200 photographs from various Lithuanian museums and private collections.
Through them, we can see Tyszkiewicz the photographer as a traveller, a portrait artist, a careful observer of rural realities, a reporter of his own life, a folklorist and a creator of historical scenes.
The exhibition is open at the Royal Lazienki Museum, Kubicki stables until 10 March, 2024.

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2018 February 1 - 2018 March 4

THE YELLOW SWAN WILL NOT RETURN at Kaunas Photography Gallery

Kaunas Photography Gallery, Vilniaus g. 2, Kaunas.
Opening of the exhibition February 1, 2018, 5.30 p.m.

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2017 November 17 - 2017 December 10

Gintautas Stulgaitis (1959–2000)

Retrospective exhibition at Klaipėda culture communication center.

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2017 October 26 - 2017 December 3


Vitas Luckus at Kaunas city photography gallery.

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2017 November 24 - 2017 December 14

Vitas Luckus

November 24, 2017, 6 PM is the opening of the exhibition “From Travels” by a legendary Lithuanian photographer Vitas Luckus at the Georgian National Museum’s Simon Janashia Museum (3, Rustaveli Ave., 0105, Tbilisi). The exhibition will be open until the 14th of December.

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2016 October 10 - 2016 December 4

Vitas Luckus. Beyond Reality

Vitas Luckus (1943–1987) is one of the most original figures in Lithuanian photography. Since 1960s he had contributed to the formation of Lithuanian photography school, created many remarkable works of classical photograph and successfully worked in the field of applied photography. However, conventional photography was not enough for him: he started constructing his peculiar world of images while combining reality and fantasy; the world where composition, colour or point of viewing altered the perception of reality drastically. Being out-of-the-box personality in terms of both creative work and traditional lifestyle in general, Vitas seemed to walk in the periphery. He stood out from the others because of his energy and immediate and extremely close relation to the surrounding world and because of the ability to render the features in his works.

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