Exposition ‘Freedom to Photography!’

Today, photography accompanies us everywhere and always. To carelessly press a button, tap on the screen and share on a social network – that is all needed today, and the world is streaming with billions of photographic images. It is even hard to imagine that just a bit more than 180 years ago, this seemed impossible or too complex to mankind. The journey of photography to our everyday lives, to the freedom of photography as it is today, has been extremely long and complicated. That is why the exposition talking about the development of photography in Lithuania and the world is called ‘Freedom to photography!’.

Here, visitors can see the most valuable exhibits from the museum’s preserved collection, which includes over 150 000 historical and artistic photographs and negatives, photography equipment, photographic prints, documents and other photography-related items. The exhibition is abundant with immersive places: stylizations, reconstructions, virtual and experiential solutions.

The permanent exhibition has been open to visitors from May 25, 2023, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Photography Museum.

Get to know the exhibits by listening to the audio guide (author V. Ulinskytė-Balzienė).