The collection of prints consists of more than 2,000 publications on photography. Oldest exhibits of the collection are mid-XIX century educational photography literature published in London, Paris, and Weimar as well as collections of specialized magazines, books, and albums published in the Russian empire at the late XIX and early XX century.

The collection also contains a large number of photography publications from the Lithuanian interwar period: J. K. textbook “Fotografas mėgėjas” (eng. “Amateur photographer”) (Panevėžys, 1925), “Greitojo aparato rankvedys arba receptai ir pamokymai kaip į 10 minučių viską nufotografuoti” (eng. “Textbook on a quick device or instructions and teachings on photographing everything in 10 minutes”), published by Liudvikas Jakavičius (Šiauliai, 1926), the catalogue of a 1933 traveling exhibition opened by the “Putpelė” fellowship in Šiauliai, issues of the magazine “Foto mėgėjas” (eng. “Photography Enthusiast”), published by the Photography Enthusiasts’ Association, as well as other periodicals, books, exhibition catalogues, albums, and promotional prints published by professional photographers. The group of Soviet period prints comprises of photography exhibitions catalogues, posters, placards, invitations, albums, books, magazines, and other publications.