The photographer’s toolkit for production is the largest collection of photographic equipment in Lithuania, consisting of more than 2,660 exhibits. It includes historical and pavilion cameras as well as laboratory equipment and tools (enlargers, copying frames, presses, scissors for photographs, laboratory lamps, flashes, developing and fixing tanks, exponometers, photochemicals, samples of photographic film and paper) of almost every type and make.

Noteworthy and valuable items of the collection include a mid-XIX century lens “Hermagis” of a French make, “Bermpohl” device – a precursor of colour photography (Germany, 1929), one of the first Leitz’s small-format cameras “Leica” (Germany, 1924), stereoscopic cameras of well-known global makers such as Kodak, Ica, and Voigtlander from the beginning of the XX century, miniature detective cameras as well as the first cameras made in the Soviet era, and other equipment. The collection also consists of unique samples of equipment from the interwar period: decorative items and furniture.