Program of the events on the museum's roof:


TUESDAY, 25TH AUGUST AT 8.00 PM. – concert of dancing violinist Edita Gumauskaite. Presentation of the new album “Styginiu Orkestra”.

WEDNESDAY, 26TH AUGUST AT 7.00 PM. – “SAMA” (Siauliai County Music awards) stage on the roof of the Photography Museum. “Siauliai nights” and “SAMA” presents young and not that young, well-known, and lesser-known music bands and singers who will perform on the stage. In the concert you will hear:   “Penkios po penkiu”, “The Phonic Strings”, singers Elzė Urbietytė, Gintarė Juknaitė, Dangė, Gabija Lukrecija Petrauskaitė.

THURSDAY, 27TH AUGUST AT 8.00 PM. – Interactive theatre performance “Špylkos ir Šlepetės” (“High heels and slippers”) by the “Book theater”.

FRIDAY, 28TH AUGUST AT 8.45–9.15 PM. – Fashion performance „Naktinė strojkė“. 121 studio presents black and white fashion performance called „Naktinė strojkė“. This is the united project in which Danguolė Janulevičienė and ladies from sewing course present their results of the creative challenge „Black / White“

FRIDAY, 28TH AUGUST AT 9.30 PM. – Photography Museum together with the “Portfolio Peržiūros” (“Portfolio views”) invites to a conversation with art critic and theoretic, art project curator, author of publications Virginijus Kinčinaitis.

SATURDAY, 29TH AUGUST AT 9.00 PM. – Vytis Puronas: Bleach Cult album ‘Summertime whiteout’ presentation.

Organiser ” Šiaulių naktys”