From 2013 till 2015 Šiauliai Aušros Museum together with 40 partners from 21 countries of European Union have participated in the international project AthenaPlus – Europeana approach towards the network of cultural heritage.

One of the most important objectives of AthenaPlus, was to enrich the digital library of Europeana with high volume of content shared in private and public sectors, still focusing on collections of museums. During the entire project, the partners presented to Europeana 3,565,620 metadata associated with digital objects, AthenaPlus became the second biggest project in terms of volume of digital data, which enriched the cultural heritage of Europeana digital library.

Šiauliai Aušros Museum enriched Europeana with 10199 exhibits, among which there are digitalized images of cultural heritage stored in Photography Museum as well.


After reaching the second objective of the project, improved search engine was introduced, easy acquisition of content, while developing terminology management. To achieve this, Thesaurus Management Platform TMP2 was created, online thesaurus management application: for structuring terms and meanings, for enrichment, compliance, and exporting of data.

The third objective was aiming to explore how the enriched metadata can be reused and could be personalized for the different needs of users (tourists, schools, students). To achieve this goal, using digitized content of cultural heritage, 5 tools were created: CityQuest, SchoolTrip, Urban Explore, eCultureMap, MOVIO.