Looking Forward to Meet Me is a project realized as a (narcissistic) introspection; an artist’s self-analysis transformed into a visual and spatial work.

The title of the project, Looking Forward to Meet Me, is a projection of a future moment, an impending encounter with oneself. While the collection of works within the project includes one self-portrait by Morkevičius, the photograph remains almost imperceptible as it is framed underneath a stained glass pane. The project is thus a portrait ‘in becoming’ that relies on art history symbols, tropes borrowed from classical mythology, psychoanalytic interpretations, and personal memories. Some visual elements are rather figurative, while other photographic works drift towards abstraction. As a result, the project creates a collage of myriad connections and associations that defy arbitrary boundaries of representation as portrayal.

Looking Forward to Meet Me rejects the canonical quality of objective likeness that the genre of this project is defined by, and delves into the process of self-awareness, recognition and understanding.