The exhibition represents photographs by Richard Norvila and musical compositions based on them.

The music you hear in this exhibition was not made by man.
Every mathematically written note came from the play of light and shadow.

The feeling of Light gives birth to music.
The Harmony lies in the shade of the Shadow.
The genesis of sounds is in the kingdom of Darkness.

Composer: Light / Darkness
Photography, arrangement, production: Richardas Norvila
Performed by: The New Oslo Losers Trio
Montage: Tomas Andrijauskas
Exhibition composed by: Vilija Ulinskytė-Balzienė

What is inside us –
let it never fall silent.

Richardas Norvila
Yuzhny Port (Southern port), Moscow,
April, 2020

About the Artist

Ričardas Norvila (born 1961 in Šiauliai) is an independent composer, philosopher, alchemist, currently living and creating in Moscow. He finished psychology studies at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and acquired a doctoral degree in philosophy. From 1992 to 1998 he studied psychoanalysis at the C. G. Jung Institute for Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Zurich, Switzerland. Norvila is currently engaged in radical studies of philosophy, psychology, and arts.

Whichever form it takes – musical, literary, photographic, or other, the artist’s work is always progressive, innovative, and astonishing. He has made over 60 soundtracks for theatre and contemporary dance shows-performances and movies. Norvila’s original pieces were featured in European art forums and media festivals (Morning Line, Avanto, Prototypes, Wien Modern, Jauna muzika, Enter, Transmediale, Mozart Festival, Insomnia, Donau Festival, etc.).

  1. Norvila is perhaps more widely known abroad than in Lithuania, where his works are rarely presented. His neoclassical music pieces were acquired by the Austrian Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) foundation that aims to popularize innovative, experimental, non-traditional projects. Record labels from different countries have released Norvila’s CDs and LPs. His vinyl record The Dust has become iconic after being released by the legendary Austrian label Laton.

Norvila has authored two books, Suplėšyta tyla (Torn Silence) and Filosofinis dienoraštis (A Philosophic Diary). In 2016 he carried out a radical project Muzika keliamiesiems metams (Music for the Leap Year) and wrote a composition every day of that year – 366 in total. R. Norvila is the official public relations representative for the Norwegian avant-jazz band The New Oslo Losers Trio.

In 2019, he played the first concert for sleeping people, the Sleeping Concert, at the Insomnia festival in Norway.

Since 1999, he has his own studio-workshop in Moscow for music and alchemy.

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Project supported by:
The Lithuanian Council for Culture
Šiauliai City Municipality