This exhibition by a world-famous photography maestro Antanas Sutkus (b. 1939) stands out for the abundance of never before shown photographs as well as the new ones. In addition to the works that are familiar to everyone and have become the classics of photography, a number of photographs are presented for the first time. The prominent photographer has worked with his photography archive for over twenty years, and says that he still discovers forgotten moments, many affecting images from the past. These works feature the whole epoch of the art of photography and nicely introduce the 20th-century-Lithuania and its people. The exhibition also includes photographs taken by the author over the last couple of years.



As a photographer, A. Sutkus has gone a long way to reach the door to success – from a teenager taking photos of sparrows high on wires, his classmates, neighbours, relatives, women in the Ežerėlis peat bog “tumbling the peat up to the horizon and back“ to the renowned author whose works have travelled across many countries. His exhibitions were held in Paris, Helsinki, Chicago, Zurich, Boston, London, Odense, Hamburg, Stockholm, Curitiba, Madrid, and other cities around the world.

At present day, A. Sutkus – a laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, the winner of Dr. Erich Salomon Prize is compared to Robert Doisneau, Elliott Erwitt and other world-class figures in humanistic, photo-journalistic photography. Thomas Schirmböck, an outstanding publisher of photo albums and exhibition curator, describes A. Sutkus, who has grown his talent near Kaunas in the Zapyškis neighbourhood, a “giant of European photography”.

The curators of the exhibition photographers Berta Tilmantaitė and Artūras Morozovas aim to present A. Sutkus not only as a legend of photography, a strong creative personality, but also a true and openhearted person with all the qualities he has – hesitation, joy, nostalgia for youth and curiosity for the present.

Curators of the exhibition: Berta Tilmantaitė and Artūras Morozovas
Design: Inga Navickaitė-Drąsutė