This project is a symbolic meaning of our inner world that can be reached through the state of dream. According to Yuri Lotman, “dreams are a semiotic mirror of our inner life.” The mirror as a symbol belongs to one of the oldest archetypal groups and stands out for its mysticism. Dreams contain not only of marvelous images, but our post-traumatic, and negative memories, which can even frighten us.

The project invites us to stay in this mystical and bizarre state of dream. Immersing yourself in simulation which contains of the synergy of different media such as sound, image, light and augmented reality. Those medias allow the observer to immerse themselves in that mysterious phase.

In the exhibition hall, the content of augmented reality is activated by using a smart device (tablet computer) and directing it to the installation. An integral part of the installation is the soundtrack “Dream” created by sound artist Viltė Gustytė. A piece of music is created using only analog sounds.