You are very welcome to visit the exhibition of Antanas Dilys 85th anniversary called From the Photo Archive at the Photographic Museum (Vilniaus St. 140, Šiauliai).

Exhibition will be opened from November 29th, 2016, till January 15th, 2017.

Get more information: +370 41 52 43 96,

Sponsors: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Šiauliai City Municipality

Photographic Museum, established by A. Dilys more than 4 decades ago, currently stores a significant collection, about 50 000 donated photographer’s negatives. Although it is a huge collection, only silver salt photos, taken at the time, or shortly after, author’s original prints, were chosen for the Antanas Dilys 85th anniversary exhibition. Some of the 40 vintage original prints that are being exhibited, are stored at the museum’s art photography collection, another part was brought from the personal authors archive. Quite a lot of the exhibited photographs are marked with national and international competition stamps. Antanas Dilys works were seen and recognized for Lithuanian and foreign audience. In 1969 association of photography artists was formed and A. Dilys was one of the authors, whose works were often being chosen to represent Lithuanian photography and its tradition of reflecting society of these days and its social framework during international exhibitions. Also, this time, the heroes of the current exhibition are people, living in 20th century, 7th-9th decades, in the epoch that is forgotten for most of us and unknown for the youth. Antanas Dilys 85th anniversary exhibition reflects the epoch by humanistic photography tradition and values that were shared at the time. The exhibition represents people, that A. Dilys, while working as a photojournalist at ELTOS, have met, reveals their everyday work, events, celebrations, life of relatives and their neighbors. These everyday photographic records are summarized in the most famous photographic sets, such as Bread (“Duona”), Firefighters („Ugniagesiai“), Portraits of Cultural Figures („Kultūros veikėjų portretai“), Reborn Village („Atgimęs kaimas“), National School („Tautinė mokykla“), Hill of Crosses („Kryžių kalnas“), some of the works from these photographic sets may be found in today’s exhibition. You may skim through the catalogs of Šiauliai Photographers association, which was established by A. Dilys, where you can find the first works exhibited, find A. Dilys works in the almanac “Lithuanian Photography”, other publications. These publications represent A. Dilys as a talented organizer bringing together photographers of Lithuania, organizing activities all over the country, establishing Lithuanian Photographic Art Society, organizing exhibitions, festivals, conferences, seminars and other events. Soon the publication list will be enriched with the first A. Dilys creative album.